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Asus Rampage IV Gene ROG Connect Plus Driver

Hi guys, So recently I sent in my ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z It has the ROG Connect button, but It's for other things not related to flashing the BIOS. BIOS chip for this motherboard ($13 plus shipping is probably $25?) or just. ROG connect lets users access the BIOS from a secondary notebook How to Use ASUS USB BIOS. ASUS Republic of Gamers and X79 ROG Review – Rampage IV Gene, Formula and Extreme The Gene, being the 'entry level ROG' product, gets the minimal set of extras ROG Connect Guide . chips, plus most socket motherboards will take an Ivybridge-e chip anyway, when they're released.

Asus Rampage IV Gene ROG Connect Plus Drivers for Windows XP

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Asus Rampage IV Gene ROG Connect Plus Driver

Asus RAMPAGE IV EXTREME User Manual: Rog Connect

If it dies for any reason other than a manufacturing defect it is not their problem in the slightest. I've attached the sequence of screenshots I'm getting.

Driver UPDATE: Asus Rampage IV Gene ROG Connect Plus

The first red ASUS bootup display stays no longer than 1 second, followed by a flash of the "No drives detected" black screen, followed by a 15 second shutdown screen. If anyone has experienced the same issue please let me know.

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Could be something as stupid as a corrupted bios. Doesn't sound like you're familiar with the process. Perhaps you can walk me through in a little more detail?

If that doesn't get you into BIOS, then try removing the battery from the motherboard for a few minutes. Reinstall the battery and try getting into BIOS again. Also, what operating system are you using?

Rampage IV Extreme Bluetooth RoG Connect

I tried shutting down the computer, taking the battery out, holding down the CMOS clear button, pressing the reset, and putting the battery back in, and turned on power supply, still didn't work. Your best bet at this point is to try and get a pre-programmed replacement BIOS chip and see if that works. If it doesn't then I'd say the motherboard is bad.

One other thing you could try is disconnecting anything not essential for a boot up. Of course you'll also need the keyboard to try and get into BIOS. If that don't work, get a BIOS chip or replace the board.

It doesn't even require the motherboard to POST in order to flash it. It does have a couple methods of recovering from a damaged BIOS though, worth checking out.

Asus Rampage IV Gene ROG Connect Plus Windows 8 X64

I'm really out of clue as of how to debug this. Seems like my current options are: Shiozaki This scares me to death, makes me not want to build anything.

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Hope you can get it figured out. Being without the backbone of your computer for any amount of time sucks I just RMAd my motherboard with ASUS but I inspected it thoroughly beforehand and there was no damage on mine that didn't come from the factory anyway.

Currently says it's "repaired, packaged, and ready to ship. This is what I'm curious about. Repairing traces is no easy task for a novice. In any event, it's certainly frustrating that they won't warranty the board, but it's entirely understandable. I'd be irritated if it were me, but they're not in the wrong.

Once again this is an Intel Z68 motherboard that features the latest technologies. One of the issues I have come across on a couple of Intel Z68 motherboards was the lack of onboard video. The technology behind both boards in nearly identical.

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