Asus Eee PC 1201N Super Hybrid Engine Windows 8

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Asus Eee PC 1201N Super Hybrid Engine Driver

* hours battery life with Super Hybrid Engine online ASUS WebStorage—a total of GB—the Eee PC™ N provides ample storage for users' movies. View full Asus Eee PC Seashell N specs on CNET. 7 Home Premium. Type. ASUS Super Hybrid Engine, Microsoft Office (60 days trial), Microsoft Works. ASUS Eee PC B - Unprecedented performance for excellent multimedia Thanks to the ASUS exclusive Super Hybrid Engine technology, power  Missing: N.

Asus Eee PC 1201N Super Hybrid Engine Windows 7

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Asus Eee PC 1201N Super Hybrid Engine Driver

As far as netbooks are concerned, Asus has always taken pride in its pioneer role in the various fields. Asus has, however, surprisingly allowed itself plenty of time as to the topic of Ion, so a powerful GeForce M graphic card combined with an Intel Atom CPU, as there are already comparable competitor models on the market. But Asus wouldn't be Asus if there wasn't the one or other feature slumbering in the case.

At the moment, we can only refer to our prototype in the case of the Eee PCN. Asus indicates the first or second week of as the presumed launch date. Our prototype is the almost final version with a UK keyboard. It's an innovation for Asus' netbook range that Ion is built into the EeeN but otherwise it's nothing really spectacular.

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First the employed CPU provides reason for a new "We are first! That is, an Intel Atom chip with a clock rate of 1.

You'll find the details about it in the following review, especially in the performance part. Case Asus reveals the case size with the label N, thus 12 inches. The prior border between netbooks and subnotebooks has once again been overstepped.

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The user will be rather delighted about this fact, as he not only comes to enjoy a display with a much better overview but not least also because of the larger resolution of x pixels and a more generous, almost fully functional, keyboard. You could oppose this with a case that is a few centimeters larger and a weight of a few hundred grams more in comparison to its 10 inch colleagues.

But the Eee N presents itself as still very mobile with a total weight of grams and still fits into an average ladies handbag. Asus has now obviously found its line in view of design. Asus has given the name "Seashell" to the wedge-shaped tapered case with the softly rounded forms on the outer sides. Various trimmings and inlays have been omitted and the netbook has been almost completely dipped into high-gloss instead.

The only exception is made by the case tray, which has been made in a classic matt Asus Eee PC 1201N Super Hybrid Engine look. Opening the display lid without leaving any marks on the display lid is almost impossible. Additionally, fine scratch marks, as they frequently occur at packing and unpacking, can quickly blemish the notebook if you're not careful enough in this regard. Perhaps one more note about the color. Our prototype came along completely in black. However, Asus Eee PC 1201N Super Hybrid Engine closer at the prototype's carton, we found further printed color options for reasons of identifying the single packaged notebook.

Conclusively, there might also be a blue, silver and red alternative of the Asus N.

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The Eee PC N shows a very good stability aside from the lacquered plastic components' average material impression. The base unit can barely be twisted and doesn't show any irregularities even under selective pressure.

ASUS Eee PC 1015B - Unprecedented performance for excellent multimedia enjoyment

Even the display bids a good stability in every possible way considering its slim construction. Picking up and carrying the netbook on its display bezel is also possible without further ado.

Both display hinges seem to have a sufficient size and allow a precise opening angle adjustment but could do with a bit more tension in, especially, a closed state. The display opens a few centimeters when the closed book is held upside down.

Eee PC B Laptops ASUS Global

Therefore, especially for a mobile netbook, you have to make sure that no foreign objects can slip between the display and base unit when it's stowed in various cases and so cause serious damage. Configuration The netbook's design excludes the front and rear as a place for interfaces.

But Asus has tried to place, specifically the often and permanently occupied ports rather more in the lateral edges' rear area. However, VGA port and DC-in have been placed very close to one another, which could lead to problems with an external monitor or a projector. Above that, the little plug of the adapter easily slips out of the socket so that an unintentional disconnecting Asus Eee PC 1201N Super Hybrid Engine the mains can't be excluded that is if you oversee the optical feedback at disconnection on the display.

Otherwise, you'll also find the netbook typical three USB ports distributed on the left and right side edges and, thanks to Ion, the HDMI port on the case's left, but not quite optimal in the front area.

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Thus, the user now has two interfaces for connecting external image display devices available. The analog VGA port is, for example, supported by many older projectors, and practically every monitor is still compatible in this regard. You also have the option of sending a digital signal to appropriately equipped monitors with the HDMI port. Our test will show what it's good for.

Whilst only an averagely focused image is transmitted via VGA to our test monitor Dell Wfp in a resolution of x pixels, HDMI does it considerably better. The image on the external monitor is crystal clear, focused and is suitable Asus Eee PC 1201N Super Hybrid Engine permanent work use. Perfect, if you'd like to extend the Eee N by a big, ergonomic display, for example, for using it on the desk at home.

Information about integrated mobile broadband internet aren't yet available.

Asus Eee PC 1201N Super Hybrid Engine Windows Vista 64-BIT

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