Panasonic KX-TGP500B02 VoIP Phone Windows Vista 32-BIT

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Panasonic KX-TGP500B02 VoIP Phone Driver

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Panasonic KX-TGP500B02 VoIP Phone Drivers for PC

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Panasonic KX-TGP500B02 VoIP Phone Driver

Panasonic KX-TGP500 Cordless SIP Phone system

L Never touch the plug with wet hands. Danger of electric shock exists. Installation L To prevent the risk of fire or electrical shock, do not expose the product to rain or any type of moisture.

L Do not place or use this product near automatically controlled devices such as automatic doors and fire alarms. Radio waves emitted from Panasonic KX-TGP500B02 VoIP Phone product may cause such devices to malfunction resulting in an accident. L Do not allow the AC adaptor or Ethernet cable to be excessively pulled, bent or placed under heavy objects.

Operating safeguards L Unplug the product from power outlets before cleaning. Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners.

Panasonic Kx-tgp500 B02 SIP Cordless Phone

L Do not disassemble the product. L Do not spill liquids detergents, cleansers, etc.

This may cause a fire. Do not excessively pull the corded handset cord from the base unit. This may cause the base unit to fall, resulting in injury. L The use of excessive sound volume through earphones, headphones, or headsets may cause hearing Panasonic KX-TGP500B02 VoIP Phone. Medical L Consult the manufacturer of any personal medical devices, such as pacemakers or hearing aids, to determine if they are adequately shielded from external RF radio frequency energy.

The product operates in the frequency range of 1. L Do not use the product in health care Panasonic KX-TGP500B02 VoIP Phone if any regulations posted in the area instruct you not to do so. Hospitals or health care facilities may be using equipment that could be sensitive to external RF energy.


Panasonic KX-TGP500B02 VoIP Phone L Never install Ethernet cable jacks in wet locations unless the jack is specifically designed for wet locations. L The AC adaptor is used as the main disconnect device. Ensure that the AC outlet is installed near the product and is easily accessible. Battery L We recommend using the batteries noted on page 3. L Do not mix old and new batteries.

Panasonic KX-TGP Cordless SIP Phone system

L Do not open or mutilate the batteries. Released electrolyte from the batteries is corrosive and may cause burns or injury to the eyes or skin. The electrolyte is toxic and may be harmful if swallowed. L Exercise care when handling the batteries.

Panasonic KX-TGP500B02 VoIP Phone Treiber Windows 10

L Charge the batteries provided with or identified for use with this product only, in accordance with the instructions and limitations specified in this manual. L Only use a compatible charger to charge the batteries.

Do not tamper with the charger. Failure to follow these instructions may cause the batteries to swell or explode. Important safety instructions When using your product, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and injury to persons, including the following: Do not use this product near water for Panasonic KX-TGP500B02 VoIP Phone, near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, or laundry tub, in a wet basement or near a swimming pool.

Panasonic KX-TGP500B02 VoIP Phone using a telephone other than a cordless type during an electrical storm. There may be a remote risk of electric shock from lightning. Do not use the telephone to report a gas leak in the vicinity of the leak.

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Use only the power cord and batteries indicated in this manual. Do not dispose of batteries in a fire. Check with Panasonic KX-TGP500B02 VoIP Phone codes for possible special disposal instructions. L For maximum coverage and noise-free communications, place your base unit: Avoid putting the base unit on a bay window or near a window.

Panasonic KX-TGP500B02 VoIP Phone Drivers for Windows Mac

L Coverage and voice quality depends on the local environmental conditions. L If the reception for a base unit location is not satisfactory, move the base unit to another location for better reception.

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