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Samsung UN85S9AF LED Display. Smart Hub: Yes; Processor: Quad Core; Apps Platform: Smart TV with Apps, S-Recommendation and Full. View full Samsung UNS9 specs on CNET. Samsung UN85S9AF. Part Number: Television. Type. LED-LCD. Smart TV. Smart TV. Combined with. camera. 4K TV REVIEWS. Samsung UN85S9AF LCD/LED Ultra HDTV time limitations, I made no attempt to dive into the set's Smart TV capabilities.

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Samsung UN85S9AF LED TV Driver

Specs - UHD TV UN85S9AF Samsung TVs

In this case, a center area is bright, but the center of the dimming area is offset, which means that the center of the lit area is offset from where that light output is actually needed. The solution, in this case, is Samsung UN85S9AF LED TV add more lighting areas — but this can dramatically increase the price of a display and has not proved profitable for other manufacturers who invested heavily in full-LED lighting systems.

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Technology- Technologically, this is the most sophisticated display I have ever seen. It utilizes a quad-core processor and basically implements Samsung UN85S9AF LED TV type of control interface you can think of, from gesture control through voice and face recognition to a touch remote control. The TV responds to your voice commands albeit the accuracy of this proved tricky given noisy areas and mumbling testers… To avoid this, the new touch remote includes a built in microphone.

Gesture control proved much better than the Samsung UN85S9AF LED TV generation. Recognition was easier, although testing was conducted in a better lit area, so that could also be effected. The user interface of the display has not changed much and is still one of the best in the industry.

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It is glossy, flashy and animated — but to a lesser degree than previous generations. Each home screen holds a set of predefined Samsung UN85S9AF LED TV that can be somewhat manipulated and using swiping gestures, the touch remote or a simple D-Pad, you can select applications, functions or move in 3D animation between the home screens. Samsung currently has the biggest range of applications and they are appearing to grow in numbers and quality.

Suffice it to say that anyone familiar with apps will feel right at home. A few social apps such as Twitter, Facebook and Skype get special treatment and can also interact only if Samsung UN85S9AF LED TV user allows it while in the background.

In all other cases, the user must Samsung UN85S9AF LED TV an app and run it. Apps range from video apps, 3D apps to news, music and game apps. Overall, a very robust offerings in a very attractive package. I will attempt this carefully, given that this is the third UHD display I have tested so far.

Samsung UN85S9AF LED TV Drivers (2019)

Samsung UN85S9AF LED TV, this display appears to have less regions of lighting than the ZL1, which means that a person using this should be conservative regarding the level of adaptive contrast they apply in the settings. I did not observe major uniformity issues on the panel I tested, a definite and welcome surprise on my part for a screen of this size.

Samsung UN85S9AF LED TV said, sharpness needed to be reduced, just as the Hz smooth motion intermediate frame generation continued to reduce moving resolution.

Samsung UN85S9AF 85″ 4K UHD LED Display

While it tracked objects perfectly without stuttering or dropping frames, the actual motion resolution remains on par with previous generation of IFC algorithms. This is baffling — we have not been seeing any technological improvement in this field in the Samsung UN85S9AF LED TV few years and it is sorely lacking.

SD content required much stronger processing than we typically see, but my focus here was HD and in particular Bluray and P content. The backlighting system, particularly when the room was blacked out, was noted to have a few inconsistencies and glitches.

Samsung UNS9 Specs - CNET

Built in calibration seems to be on spot with REC requirements, although gamma was rated at 2. Color temperature was measured at K, lower than what I would have hoped at Samsung UN85S9AF LED TV settings. But the money, as they say in Hollywood, is up there on the screen to see.

I once joked about the humongous inch-plus HDTVs many manufacturers trot out at trade shows, suggesting that the best way to get them into your house was to place the TV where you thought it should go on the slab of your house under construction, then build the Samsung UN85S9AF LED TV around it. Sets this big present a problem for manufacturers and reviewers.

Samsung UN85S9AF LED TV 64 BIT Driver

For the former, Sony invited us to their facility in San Diego and gave us a generous amount of uninterrupted time to work with the set—enough to cover all the bases sufficiently. They also provided us with some high-quality 4K source Samsung UN85S9AF LED TV. LG actually sent their inch set to our studio and left it with us for weeks our preferred mode of reviewthough the 4K source material they provided Samsung UN85S9AF LED TV limited and of mixed quality.

The difference from my Sony experience, however, was Samsung UN85S9AF LED TV I had only four hours to get the job done. Nevertheless, that was sufficient for me to perform a full 2D calibration and spend enough quality time with the set to get a handle on its performance with upconverted standard HD source material from some of my own reference Blu-rays.

Samsung UN85S9AF 85" 4K UHD LED Display -

Samsung provided their Photo Research PR spectradiometer for the color calibration, and while they had other test tools available, for the rest of our needs, I Samsung UN85S9AF LED TV our own gear that I had brought along for the day, including an Oppo BDP Blu-ray player. Some of our video processing tests involve upconversion from a i source, and the Oppo is one of the few Blu-ray players today with a selectable i output.

Time did not permit any 3D evaluations or calibrations. Future enhancements that HDMI 1.

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